APP for fitness monitoring
SEO,SMM for health and well-being supplement
APP to buy property from listed builders
APP to earn money via different plans
app to catchup on latest TV,news,sports and music
SEO,SMM,PPC for IT Company

Logo Design

1. Discovery

Your Mission

Brand perceptions

Competitive Landscape

Existing company fonts, icons and colours

2. Design

Preliminary concepts

Refined concept presentation


Final presentation

3. Delivery

Logo created in a number of formats

Promote your logo across various applications

Reproduction on any desktop / mac

Display where and whenever you want


Logo Design in Bedfordshire and Beyond


At SUKISEO we are always exploring new directions and developing a number of alternative logo options for branding projects. We cater for all aspects of logo design in Bedfordshire and beyond.

In today's modern era of Digital Marketing having a logo is the first step in creating a brand for your business. However having a logo is not enough in today's era of online business hence the reason we at SUKISEO offer the complete package to market your brand online. We specialise in Web / App design and development, as well as search engine optimisation, pay per click and social media management. SUKISEO is the all in one solution for your digital marketing needs.



Why have a branded logo for your business ?


  • To convey a professional image and that you are reputable
  • To attract more clients
  • To give clients a sense of stability
  • To be more memorable
  • To endear your company name to your clients
  • To show your commitment
  • To stand out in your field





Let us help build your brand

Your logo is often your companies first and last impression so it is vital that your business gets this right. If you are serious about your business then a well designed logo is a must. Our skilled designers will craft the right image for your business and help you stand out from your competitors.  We also value your input into logo design and our designers will work according to your requirements whether it be styling, fonts or colours.  Get in contact with SUKISEO today and give your business the image it deserves.

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Let us help you get your business online and grow it with passion

Our team of professional SEO experts is the perfect partner for a successful business partnership.


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